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Weddings/ Civil Partnership Ceremonies


Smile and relax, knowing the ceremony for your big  day will be uniquely crafted, giving you the happy-ever-after experience you will remember always.



Say farewell with a unique, heartfelt tribute that reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one.

Naming Ceremony


A charming introduction of a new baby, new family member, or to celebrate a new name. It is a joyful family day where everybody is encouraged to take a part.



The ceremonial binding of hands, as part of a wedding, vow renewal, or as a stand alone ceremony to mark an engagement.

Renewal of Vows


Say “I do” all over again. Perhaps a landmark anniversary or you just want to reaffirm the love and commitment you have for each other.



Wedding/Civil Partnership ceremonies-


Funerals -£200

Renewal of vows -£250

Naming/Renaming - £200

Handfasting for an engagement - £120

About Me

About Me

Penny Blaze. Independent Celebrant

I am a qualified and experienced Independent Celebrant working in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. (A member of the Association of Independent Celebrants.)

From  my background as a nurse I bring compassion, empathy, professionalism and a desire to do my job with polish.

Why choose me as your celebrant? It is my belief that the most important considerations in planning your ceremony are the wishes of you and your family. I will look forward to meeting you and hearing you or your loved one’s story, from which I will create and plan a personalised ceremony reflecting your needs. You will be treated professionally and with empathy.

As part of the ceremony I am very happy to involve charming and symbolic rituals which will enrich your special day. I welcome the unusual and would relish incorporating into the ceremony any chosen theme, in line with your values and beliefs.

Your authentic, individually designed ceremony will be delivered calmly, from the heart, with you and your family at its centre.

My aspiration is to craft a ceremony that is memorable and will stay with you forever.

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Weddings/ Civil Partnership Ceremonies

Your Wedding

Married life should begin in the location of your dreams, with a beautifully scripted ceremony that reflects your deepest wishes and beliefs. Themes can be religious, spiritual, symbolic or even funny...your choice. The canvas is blank and we can paint it together, creating exactly what you are hoping for. Time, place, music and readings are all about the two of you.

For my part I will travel to your chosen venue and joyfully deliver your uniquely-created wedding ceremony.

The choice of where you would like your wedding to be is as wide as your imagination. As you will already have visited the registrar and completed the legalities, you are then free to have the wedding celebration of your dreams, in a setting of your choice. Your own well thought out wedding vows do not have to be said at the registrars, saving them to share with your friends and family wherever you decide your dream venue to be. In the eyes of all those attending, this will be your wedding. 

Just a few of a huge variety of settings to start your imagination flowing...

* Intimate beach “micro” wedding.

* Verdant riverside setting amidst a wildflower meadow.

* Castle

* Atmospheric museum.

* Your own home or garden.

* Glamping beneath the stars.

* A florally-festooned barn.

* Historical boat.

* Luxury hotel.

* In a village hall.

So many choices limited only by imagination.

You have choices too of charming rituals, that add warmth and richness to your special day. Perhaps a beautiful handfasting ritual, rooted in Celtic tradition. Or the Loving Cup ritual whereby the couple drink from a Quaich, as a sign of friendship, truth and unity between partners. Even an atmospheric Angel blessing ceremony, that invokes angel blessings for the couple and seals their union. I do not charge extra for including one of these beautiful ceremonies in your wedding.

Engaging me will provide you with a warm, intuitive celebrant, who will work with you to create a uniquely meaningful and memorable ceremony.



This beautiful ancient Celtic ceremony represents the commitment to an intimate partnership and the visual confirmation of wedding vows. I will make a beautiful and unique handfasting cord, that symbolically represents values that you both want to bring to your marriage.

Ring Warming.

Time for your family and friends to join in. Ahead of saying your vows and exchanging rings, the congregation are asked to each infuse the ring with with love, good wishes or any other positive blessing they want to confer on you.

Rose Giving

A rose is given by the wedding couple to their partners’ parents, honouring them and welcoming them into the family.

Angel Blessing

A sensitively symbolic. angelic invocation asking for the blessings you want your marriage to hold

Uniquely scripted for you and dependent on the attributes you are seeking your marriage to hold.

This can tie in beautifully with a handfasting.

The Loving Cup

The two-handled loving cup or quaich, is filled with your favourite drink, then as a symbol of trust, friendship and unity you both take turns in drinking from it. Again a beautifully visual ritual.

Funerals and Memorials

Each of our lives is noteworthy and deserving of a final tribute that truly reflects and celebrates it. Grief affects us all in so many ways, but one thing is certain, at the passing of a loved one there is a mixture of sadness, turmoil and many other deep-rooted feelings. None of these can be avoided but a certain relief can be found in giving a meaningful farewell to your loved one. Long after the memorial flowers have wilted, the memory of a beautiful farewell will stay in your hearts forever.

Before I write your loved one‘s ceremony I like to meet you to find out about the person they were and gain insight into how you would like their lfe reflecting. This is quite a therapeutic and often a tearful meeting, which gives you chance to plan something special to mark their lives and perhaps release some of those emotions.

Wherever the funeral is to take place I will be there to welcome you when you arrive and warmly guide you through the service. We can get our heads together beforehand and produce a visually beautiful memory table for all to see and remember. You may choose a woodland burial, crematorium or chapel, it doesn’t matter which, but I promise you a warm-hearted and reflective celebration of their life.

Memorials can be at any chosen venue and are similar to a funeral with the absence of a body. Often they can take place a while after death.

Having worked many years as a nurse, some of which in a hospice, you will find me empathetic and supportive at this overwhelming time.

Renewal of Vows

Your Renewal of Vows can take place anytime and anywhere, giving you chance to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other by saying “I do” all over again.

This may be a landmark anniversary or you might simply want to openly demonstrate your enduring love to the world. This beautiful occasion will be centred around your wishes, encompassing the special essence and chemistry that as a couple, is you. A chance to rededicate your rings and include any new family members who weren’t there for your wedding day. Perhaps set amidst beautiful pasture, or in a special place that as a couple,has grown dear to you throughout the years.

No rules bind me in creating the perfect ceremony for you. My desire is to make it as special or even better than your original wedding day. As the years pass by we change, grow and consolidate, as does the love we have for each other. This is the perfect occasion to showcase your love and commitment to each other infront of family and friends, (or to the Universe if it’s just the two of you!)

Your ceremony could be enhanced with a beautiful Handfasting, Ring Warming, or Angel Blessing Ritual. I would encourage you to write your own meaningful vows, or even use the ones you said to each other originally. Help is at hand if you get writer’s block!

However you decide to mark your milestone day, it will be unique and reflect the couple you are now.

Naming Ceremony

As a beautiful alternative to a Christening, this is chance to introduce a new baby, a new family member, or celebrate a new name.

Involving parent and grandparent promises along with those of nominated adults who have opted to take part in the babies life, in a guardian capacity.

I will assemble a charming, symbolistic ceremony with as much family involvement as the parents would like. A Five Candle Blessing or an Angel Blessing Ceremony add charm and meaning to the occasion.

There are no restrictions on where you hold your ceremony, perhaps an intimate home setting, or something more lavish in line with your wishes. Whether its traditional, formal, cultural or alternative, your naming day will be an enchanting occasion to remember.


And Finally...


Terms and condtions

Terms and Condtions

Receipt of deposit (50% of fee)will secure your chosen date.

You have 7 days after paying deposit in which to ask for a refund of deposit should you change your mind. After this point I will have started work on your ceremony and the deposit will be non-refundable.

The balance of payment is due no later than 1 month before your ceremony. Should you need to postpone the date the fee can be carried over to the new date, assuming that I am available on that date.

If the ceremony is cancelled (for any reason), I ask that at least 50% of the balance be paid if I have already submitted a draft copy of the ceremony.

As a member of the Independent Association of Celebrants I have professional and indemnity insurance which is valid worldwide.

Costs to be agreed

1. Travel expenses – All included up to 30 miles to venue,from Pointon in Lincolnshire. For longer distances mileage costs at 45p a mile. Public transport or air travel at cost.

2. Accommodation – If overnight stay required, at cost.

3. Specific attire or fancy dress – At cost.

4.Miscellaneous costs as agreed.


 Penny did my funeral for my little boy Rupert. She’s was brilliant. She came round to my house first got to know me and my 2 little boys and some information about Rupert and my home life to then put the service together. The funeral was beautiful. Penny set out a memory table for rupert and was very professional and made the morning just so beautiful and peaceful for a lovely send off for our rupert. I’m so pleased with how it all went. Penny is a lovely lady and I will be keeping in touch with her. Thankyou Penny for making things just a little bit easier that morning and carrying out Ruperts funeral.

GC- Grantham  July 2018

Penny, you were brilliant. Thank you so much, you made what could have been difficult into a delightful celebration.

Mum would have loved the whole service, which is perhaps the whole point!

Mrs PK- Grantham  July 2018

Penny, a heartfelt thank you for the beautiful service that you gave in memory of our much loved sister E. This was a moving tribute to her life and your kindness at such a difficult time will always be appreciated.

S and S Grantham. August 2018

Cannot thank you enough for today Penny. My family and myself were blown away ..truly.. You were natural and your heart was totally in it for us. We could see and feel your emotion. My dad would be so grateful and you really did do us all proud 

Miss GS, Northants. Sept 2018   

Thank you so much for the beautiful service you performed for Mum.

You spoke with such sincerity I almost thought you were a member of the family, or a close friend of Mum’s

Everyone said what a lovely service and a true reflection of Mum.

Miss K U September 2018.

I would like to thank you sincerely for leading ***’s funeral service. 53 people came along to say farewell and most said what a lovely service and a few said the “best funeral service” they had been to. I had not expected the day to be so cathartic, but found it a wonderful day, which has allowed closure and to move on, albeit with lots of sad moments.

Mrs S. M. November 2018

Penny you are so amazing you have helped make our day amazing,  you are lovely In every way. 

You have gone above and beyond to make us feel happy, comfortable 

and way beyond are expectations, your words were so lovely 😊We are so happy to have found you, you have made us feel so very special. 

Mr and Mrs PL June 2019

Hello Penny, just to say a big thankyou for the lovely service yesterday for mum Doreen, it was very tastefully done and a lot of the guests said they had learnt something new about mum they didn't know before.

Mrs LH. June 2019

Would like to express my many thanks for an emotional but stunning and beautiful service you gave for my Dad yesterday. My mum was elated at your excellence and beautiful verses and words. Yes it was a very hard day but with you in front of us all was perfect and cannot thank you enough. You are special 

Mr P.T. Essex. July 2019


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